Tax Office Anna Kłosowska  
Tax office Anna Kłosowska

Tax Office Anna Kłosowska

 TEL: +31 619 842 805

Are you employed in the Netherlands?

Do you know that...

you have to file a tax return every year?
Filing a tax return together with your fiscal partner, you can save € 1333 and more.
Your fiscal partner doesn't have to be your spouse!

If you worked in the Netherlands in the years 2011 and 2012 — earned more than €7500 and were not registered as a resident, apply for an Extra Refund and collect € 2000!

You can apply for a supplement to your health — insurance and get up to € 998 a year!

Have you lost your job? Your prospects for a new job don't — look good? Apply for unemployment benefits before you return to your country and collect at least € 2480!

You need to have obligatory health insurance! — We will help you! Contact us!


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